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Obligatory information according to Italian D.Lgs. 196/2003 - Code on privacy

Our booking centre operates in accordance with the aforementioned law on privacy.

Therefore in execution of the requested services, the client explicitly allows the treatment of the personal data provided and their use for commercial, administrative, fiscal uses and for possible future communications regarding our operations.

As regards the treatment of data, the following is specified:
  • The personal data acquired will be collected and used as permitted by the law, on computer and paper media, exclusively to provide the services requested, also when this data is made available to other partners in the same service.
  • The acquiring of personal data concerning the client is necessary in order to supply the services required. In the absence of this data it will not be possible to supply the services requested and fulfil the obligations linked to the provision of these services.
  • It is possible to have access to the personal data held at any time, to modify this or to request its cancellation by contacting: GardaPass Booking - via San Bernardo 137, I-37016 Garda (VR) – or at (holder of the data).